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2015-8-28 09:47 发布

原作者: Studio Swine/来自: 谷德设计网/ 艺术创想 /
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Sea Chair 来自海洋,重返人类世界的椅子Hair Highway 头发+天然树脂制成的环保工艺品----全球头发产业纪录片段Metallic Geology For Pearl Lam Galleries 受中国传统山石景观启发的“金属地质”人类的废弃物进入大海 ...

Sea Chair 来自海洋,重返人类世界的椅子
Hair Highway 头发+天然树脂制成的环保工艺品----全球头发产业纪录片段
Metallic Geology For Pearl Lam Galleries 受中国传统山石景观启发的“金属地质”



大的塑料垃圾在洋流的激荡下被分解成为微小的碎片,这些碎片因为其尺度非常难以回收。Swine工作室收集这些垃圾,再使用他们自己发明的太阳能熔化炉将塑料重新融化,制作成为工艺品。工艺品具有大海气息,比如有的像是鲸鱼的牙齿,有的像是珊瑚。作品的名称也来自收集这些垃圾的环流区域,比如北大西洋环流,南大西洋环流。目前这些作品在伦敦Selfridges & Co展览,将于2015年8月底结束。


North Atlantic Gyre, 2015
Sea plastic, reclaimed mahogany, rope, brass 
H32cm W24cm D24cm

The North Atlantic Gyre is situated near the Azores. These islands had a major whaling industry that was driven by the global demand for whale oil in a time before the discovery of petroleum. The Azores has a long tradition of scrimshaw craft, which is a form of engraving on whale teeth. This was usually practised to relieve boredom and maintain order amongst the crew when there was neither wind nor whales.


South Atlantic Gyre, 2015
Sea plastic, gold-plated steel, brass, sand-blasted glass, brass, rope.
H19cm W17cm D20cm

The South Atlantic is renowned for treacherous storms whipping around the great capes of South America and Africa in a stretch of sea called the Roaring Forties. This vessel refers to the many Polar expeditions that cross this dangerous passage.


North Pacific Gyre, 2015
Sea plastic, green abalone shells, brass, rope, shackle.
H33cm W22cm D12cm

The first gyre was discovered by Captain Charles Moore in the North Pacific. The stretch of sea between Russia and Alaska is notorious for industrial-scale crab fishing. Studies on crabs, which inhabit the depths of the Bering Strait, have found increasing plastic particles in their respiratory systems.


South Pacific Gyre, 2015
Sea plastic, reclaimed tropical hardwood, gold-plated steel, brass, rope.
H38cm W22cm D15cm

The South Pacific has the largest expanse of water in the world. Sailors in this area can be so remote that the nearest people to them are orbiting above their heads in the International Space Station. Island communities in the South Pacific have survived and thrived entirely on the sea. As a result they have developed a distinctive vernacular style of maritime crafts with a complex gift-giving culture centred on precious materials, such as turtle shell, black pearls and tropical hardwoods.


Indian Ocean Gyre, 2015
Sea plastic, wood flotsam, aluminium, mother-of-pearl, steel, brass, rope.
H25cm W28cm D18cm

The Indian Ocean has some of the heaviest shipping traffic in the world. Many cargo ships have spilled their loads in the giant waves and as many as 10,000 container crates are lost each year around the globe. This plinth envisages a new plastic craft made by the Sentinelese people of the Andaman Islands, the last pre-Neolithic tribe in the world. Although isolated from the modern world, they receive the newest synthetic materials in the form of ocean plastic washed up on their shores.